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Coating Plants, Coating Machines and Industrial Equipment Pre-treatment and Sand blasting
Air/Water filtration systems due to industrial manufacturing

Industrial coating plants Liquid Coatings

Heated and pressurized cabins for automotive (bodybuilders) and industry (heavy metal structural and machinery)


Industrial coating plantsPowder Coatings

Static ovens for the polymerization for the craftsman (gates, railings, etc.) and industry (light metal, aluminum)


Sandblasting Plantscustomized systems

Sandblasting, shot blasting, manual cabins, automatic tunnel for the craftsman and industry (metal structural work.)


Cleaning & Pre-treatmentcustomized systems

Cabins and tunnel washing, degreasing and pretreatment spraying or immersion, plants for paint stripping


Machinery and Industrial Products

For painting, sanding, sandblasting, grinding, iron processing and industrial applications